Electric Oven vs. Microwave, What are the Differences?

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What is the difference between an electric oven and a microwave? Along with the development of technology, there are so many types of cooking appliances currently available in the market. One of them is the electric oven which is known as the modern version of the traditional cooking stuff for baking.

The electric oven is not the only modern equipment for cooking with multiple functions. There are also some others including microwaves that are widely used by people and cooking lovers. Slightly, both the electric oven and microwave are just the same. However, they are actually different seeing their functions and features. So, what are the differences between an electric oven and a microwave? Here they are.

Main Functions

Although currently, both an electric oven and a microwave have many functions in one device, their main functions are still different. An electric oven is mainly for baking. Yes, you can bake your favorite dishes there starting from bread, cakes, cookies, steak, and many more. Meanwhile, the main function of a microwave is to warm dishes.

Of course, you can now find an electric oven for warming food. However, it is only an additional feature. The same thing is when you see a microwave that has some other functions aside from warming, those are only features, not lessening the “value” of a microwave as a device for food Warming.

How the Devices Work

An electric oven and microwave use electricity as the source of energy. However, the way they work is different because they basically produce different types of food as well. In the electric oven, the electricity produces heat and the heat is spread using a fan available. When the heat can be spread thoroughly, foods that are processed using this equipment tend to be cooked more evenly.

On the other hand, the electricity of the microwave produces heat through the macro-wave radiation. This heat tends to be more stable so it is ideal for food Warming. Besides, the food that is heated using the microwave also tends to be dry because it reduces the water level inside.


Baking food using an electric oven tends to be longer than warming it in the microwave. This is because a microwave can produce a higher temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius more quickly. It makes the food warm faster as well.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the electric oven rises more slowly because this device focuses on how the food can be baked more evenly. It also makes results whether it is bread or steak juicier and more tender.

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